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Quote Corner #13: The Problem With Forever

Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re all having the loveliest of weeks so far!
This morning I am sharing some wonderful quotes from one of my all-time favourite books, The Problem with Forever.
Happy reading!!

Frustration bloomed inside me, because I knew I could talk but every time there was the perfect moment for me to speak up, I got too caught up in overthinking what I could say. I remained silent, as if there was a cap plugging my throat closed, allowing only the minimal amount of air through. Words were not the enemy nor the monster under my bed, but they held such power over me. They were like the ghost of a loved one, forever haunting me.

This speech wasn’t forever. Being embarrassed as not forever. None of this was forever. But trying was. Living was.

I was in love with him. I knew that much was true. Love was the swelling, hopeful feeling in my chest every time I saw him. Love was the way I could forget about everything when I was with him. Love was the catch in my breath when he looked at me in his intense way. Love was the gasp he could draw out of me with the simplest of touches. Love was the way I could… I could be myself around him, know that I didn’t need to be perfect or worry about what he was thinking, because he accepted me.

Jayden’s eyes widened as his mouth opened slightly. The flush in my cheeks deepened as I pressed my lips together.
“Huh. That’s the first time I’ve heard you talk.” He pushed off the locker, falling in step beside me. Shorter than his brother and Rider, he was still a couple of inches taller than me, so my neck appreciated not having to look up to see him.
“Cool. I’m quiet, too.”
I arched a brow.
He laughed. “Okay. I’m not quiet. I’m sure if you Wikipedia’d my ass, I would show up as the opposite of quiet. But that’s okay. You and I would get along like lime and tequila. You can make up for my nonstop talkin’ and I can make up for your lack of talkin’.” He nudged my arm with his. “We’re a perfect team!”
The smile returned to my face. I didn’t really know him but I liked him.

“It is… embarrassing.”
“Not if you don’t let it be.” His leg brushed mine as he turned in his seat, facing me. Our eyes met. “You have the power over that. People can say crap. They can think whatever they want, but you control how you feel about it.”
Damn. That was deep and mature.

I was going to throw myself a freaking party when I got home. Like an eat-fudge-icing-straight-out-of-the-freaking-can kind of party. Hardcore.

And it was knowing that I could still be…still be afraid of everything, but not letting that fear stop me from living.
The realization wasn’t due to some kind of earth-stopping epiphany. It was subtle and slow, a combination of a thousand moments rolled into one, but as I sat at the kitchen table with Rosa, I knew it was true.
I’d changed.

I used to believe it didn’t exist. One word has terrified me as a child and it haunted me. But now I knew, and many small ways, but it was real, But it didn’t scare me anymore. Forever wasn’t a little girl cowering in the closet. Forever wasn’t the shadows sitting in the back of the class. Forever wasn’t doing what I thought Carl and Rose wanted instead of what I needed to do with my life. Forever wasn’t believing I was some kind of replacement daughter and that I was letting them down. Forever wasn’t being the one who needed protection. Forever wasn’t pain and grief forever wasn’t a problem. Forever was my heartbeat and it was the hope tomorrow held. Forever was the glistening silver lining of the dark cloud, no matter how heavy and thick it was. Forever was knowing it moments of weakness didn’t equate to an eternity of them. Forever was knowing that I was strong. Forever was Carl and Rosa, Ainsley and Kira, Hector and Rider. Jaden would always be a part of my forever. Forever was in the fire-breathing dragon inside me that had shed the fear like a snake shedding skin. Forever was simply a promise of more. Forever was a work in progress. And I couldn’t wait for forever.

This book is one of my favourites for many reasons, but the gorgeous writing style definitely tops the list. ❤
The Problem With Forever is by far one of the most moving and memorable stories that I have ever had the joy of reading. It touched on so many important and relevant issues in such a tasteful manner and it pulled at my heartstrings in a powerful way that few other books have the ability to do.
Each and every character felt so alive and I wish that they were. The protagonist, Mallory, was a very relatable character to me. So many of these quotes, especially the first one, really resonated with me, which is something that I wasn’t entirely expecting going into this story.
This book also served of a beautiful and powerful reminder of how lucky I am. There are so many blessings in my everyday life that are so easy to take for granted, and it’s wonderful to come across a stunning story that reminds me to step back and be appreciative of everything that I have. ❤

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