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Quote Corner #21: Saint Anything

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I hope you’re all having the loveliest of weeks so far. ❤
Today I am so excited to be sharing my favourite quotes from Sarah Dessen’s Saint Anything, which is one of my favourite books on the planet.
I hope you enjoy! 🙂

It wasn’t that I’d broken down, but that I hadn’t been alone when I did so. You only really fall apart in front of the people you know can piece you back together.

As I shut the door and started to walk away, I heard him say, “Hey. Sydney.”
“You had on a shirt with mushrooms on it, and your hair was pulled back. Silver earrings. Pepperoni slice. No lollipop.”
I just looked at him, confused. Layla was walking toward us now.
“The first time you came into Seaside,” he said. “You weren’t invisible, not to me. Just so you know.”

I was used to being invisible. People rarely saw me, and if they did, they never looked close. I wasn’t shiny and charming like my brother, stunning and graceful like my mother, or smart and dynamic like my friends. That’s the thing, though. You always think you want to be noticed. Until you are.

He had a nice smile. Seeing it, I felt like I’d won a prize, because he was so sparing with them.

There’s a weird thing that happens when something goes from a one-time thing to a habit. Like the problem is no longer just a temporary house-guest but has actually moved in.

Just because a person isn’t talking about something doesn’t mean it’s not on their mind. Often, in fact, it’s why they won’t speak of it.

Anyway, it was unrealistic to expect to be constantly in the happiest place. In real life, you’re lucky just to be always somewhere nearby.

I’ve been a massive fan of Sarah Dessen’s writing for several years, and it’s easy to see why. I’ve always loved her characters, plots, and writing style so very much. There are a few of her books, such as this one, that I could read over and over and over again. her stories are soulful.
When I read Saint Anything for the first time, it quickly claimed the spot as one of my favourite novels of all time. I related to the main character, Sydney, like I had never related to a character before. I felt seen and understood.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an emotion-filled contemporary romance! 

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